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LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month

I was tasked with creating a visual identity for Beds SU’s online celebratory events for LGBTQ+ History Month. Other than incorporating the more modern interpretation of the LGBT flag, there were no design requirements set out.

Why Choosing Substack to Run a Newsletter was a Struggle

Substack provides the infrastructure for anyone to set up an email newsletter on any topic, almost instantly. Unlike other newsletter service providers, Substack is entirely free to use with no upper limits on subscriber numbers or email send-outs. For people just starting out, it’s an attractive proposition.

How I Responded to the Pandemic as a Travel Blogger

The sudden drop in traffic in March led to me having to think about how best to respond. A consistent thought throughout the year has been that the travel industry will eventually bounce back. Wanderlust hasn’t gone away and for many, I dare say their wanderlust has never been more potent.

5 MacOS Apps I Use Daily As Part Of My Creative Workflow

These days, much of my creative workflow lives inside a web browser. The power of web apps is now so great that, one by one, the apps that live on my Macbook have been replaced by bookmarks in my browser. That said, there are still a few apps inside my ‘Applications’ folder that I use practically every day. In this post, I’ll go through a few of them