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I’m Matt and I’m a Digital Creative based in the UK

I specialise in content creation and website development, but I can turn my hand to most aspects of digital marketing and creativity including graphic design, video editing, podcast producing and social media management.

My most significant project is travel website, Here To Travel. I’m currently working on developing some other projects and I’m open to hearing innovative ideas for others that I can get involved with, so get in touch!

What’s this website for?

I created this website with two goals in mind;

To post short updates on all my creative projects, partly for my own motivational encouragement and partly to share my progress with those who are interested.

To share my knowledge as a digital creative in longer posts, to inspire and inform other digital creatives and to encourage networking.

Find out more: Hello World: Why This Website Exists & Countering Creative Paralysis

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in working with me or you just want to say hi, head to the Contact page and fill in the form.

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